Around the Vietnam travel under the flower season

Vietnam is blessed where the love scene that anyone in this world also want to visit even one time in my life. In recent years Vietnam tourism trends according to the flower season is young love

In Vietnam all have the characteristic flower season flowers such as the triangular circuit in Ha Giang, Lam Dong plateau has infused flower season, West has United special and crazy season season United converted in MOC Chau attracts many who visit. Here are some hints that tell you about the flower season is from October to December over Vietnam

Mùa hoa Dã Quỳ Lâm Đồng
When the cold gradually overwhelmed about all over the mountains, when weather turn the season from autumn to winter is also covered the infused flower at the rẻo plateau. At the time, we’d “up non search engine United gold” for their own.

Reasonable travel time:
The period from early October to late November is infused flower blooms around the Highland Dalat. The best time for you to see that the United States was 9-10 am and 3-5 pm. In pale yellow hiu doused the last day the dust collector, infused became increasingly more sparkling and beautiful.

Migration media
-If you ride solo then should select the prestige car maker as the page, the Grapefruit … run online HCM-Dalat. Select departure at the evening to sleep the night on the airport, early the next morning to arrive. In da LAT, you rent a motorbike for about 100,000-150,000/day to start your journey.

-If sugar supply motorbike HO CHI MINH CITY-Dalat, about more than 300 km. route not too hard but the last 2 lines of the pass is Bao loc and Dran. When it comes to motorcycles and go with just the right speed.

-Hunting tract offers hints of flowers infused

-Bow Street-the village of Dalat flower Van Thanh-Ta Furnace-Elephant Falls-this is sugar supply feeling changed everyday familiar to those who love watching flowers infused. The main places to see the flowers here are Cam Ly airport was deserted, no chopping of people that make up the scenery immensely interesting, untouched.

-Provide a cool Camp road-Land (in the spring Township School), da LAT City Center about 30 kilometers of the road is winding, winding with terraces, the floral fence Aravind Bowl infused in the sunshine.

-Provide way of da LAT – lien Khuong (under NATIONAL HIGHWAY 20) – South Railway Board-Nung-Dalat near 100 km this road Provides a very appropriate … for you to ride your up. It gives you the experience of the rich gold infused slopes.

-Dalat-Land-Đ’ran-Menu-Chau son-Africa-Nom-Tu is the most amazing long distance offers to experience and see the flowers infused. The winding mountain pass road, the hidden Valley of the mountains with clouds glide, the gold Strip serial infused flower canvas of thousands of people travel leg attachment.

Eating, sleeping
-In da LAT city there are many motels and hotels for you to choose the stay price range from 200,000 or more. Also if you want to stay in the district then you should book in advance.

-Da LAT Up you can enjoy familiar dishes like: bread She baked rolls, shumai, Spring soup cake An with about 30,000 VND.

Flower season circuit triangle Ha Giang

The United-Delta circuit in Ha Giang usually bloom in late fall from October to December. When the new blooming white, pink and Red seals and.

Mùa hoa Tam Giác Mạch Hà Giang
-From Hanoi, you catch the bus go Ha Giang, comes from the American family’s bus at 9 pm and by 5 am going to HA Giang. Price from 260,000-300,000 VND/person.

-If the move by motorbike, you will have 2 supply lines to choose from:

Offer 1: depart from Hanoi-Shanxi (21 streetwear in Ruicheng County Stock)-High Bridge Ha-Style globe-Weather Neck (Maple left hand turn the Europe bridge)-Sports River to the town of Phu-Doan hung and then turn away Tuyen Quang-route 2 to HA Giang (length about 300 km).

Offer 2: departure from Hanoi-Vinh Phuc-Viet Tri-Phu Tho-Quang-Ha Giang.

Suggest the supply circuit triangle sugar flowers
-The viewing of great Vessels Triangle flowers are all located along Route 4 c, in Dong van district. The commune as the city is Breaking, the Valley Is the beautiful vessels triangle plots or the corn binder.

-The area from Swooping Fin fork up the Valley through Apple Valley Call flag has many rice growing with greater area. In particular, in the countryside Code Floor, Ma has strong United Lé triangular awning thousand vessels,-eye. From Dong van swept through Owl Valley fork musical instrument still dotted the triangle on the flower beds.

-In the Upper Tract Township, White Phu Valley, Landing in the district Alone, so many flowers grown fellow triangle. Bow road Hoang Su PHI-Xin man district also contributed more to map the circuit a triangle see interesting flower.

Eating, sleeping
-In the central region of Ha Giang, Dong van commune, such as Vac Tips … all have those sowing, budget accommodation. In the commune of government contacts, Saddle … has many restaurants serving unique dishes such as dried Buffalo meat, sausage, chicken, cat ngồng.

12143273_549295658551020_8404732083996625487_n (1)

The period from November to December is the phase conversion of flowers blooming MOC Chau with the fields and the flowers white canvas of thousands of improvements.

Migration media
-If the catch car go MOC Chau at 2 Ben is: Yen and Dinh bus departs from at 20 h-22 h. The ride from Hanoi to MOC Chau, the average price is usually the 160,000 VND/person. To where, you can rent a motorbike to visit tourist spots with 150,000 copper each day.

-If auto ride air, gasoline cost about 300,000 dong and go on.

Hint the United States improve the sight where MOC Chau
To MOC Chau, the place to watch United reform such as: pine forest a Ang, the Three Beat 1, 2, 3 and the area Experienced A Moderate Activity.

However, it is still the most beautiful pine forest area behind A Flat with dozens of hectares converted are blooming white. You will admire the flower beds improve run-of sight, from the foothills to the Summit. With the small, beautiful walkway with the reo will bring to you the feeling of relaxation and the blend of the same nature.

In this setting, it’s hard to hold a travel lover heart-shape: Hachi8

Eating, sleeping
If you stay in hotels then about 150,000-250,000, also if the choice of the holiday cost from 50,000-70,000 VND per person around the area near pine forest a-flat.

Above are 4 viewing flowers from October to December across the country. Hope you will get reasonable choices for your trip.

Floating water season

Floating water season Western tourist with natural scenery, peaceful, rustic cuisine to discover the floating water season along to experience the lives of indigenous people.

mùa nước nổi

-Travel time:

From October-11 is very beautiful moment in the West when the water on, bring the abundant fish resources, cotton and the Mad River mountain specialties.


-If by car, you can catch the airport bus at the West go Long An, and then continue to ride that explores the next: Dong Thap, An Giang Province.

-If the motorcycle ride in the road route N2-Ten Tower-Chau doc-Mui-Triton-Net Border market is considered the most ideal.

-The floating water season Western ideal

Tram Chim National Park

From Dong Thap Muoi you run the car along the highway 844 to the tram Chim National Park, Dong Thap. To Tram Birds at sunset is an incredibly exciting experience, when each flock of birds flying about feeding, prey on but the vast water fields covered with a yellow flower of sesbania sesban, lilies, blue forest tram.
The boat swept into the tram Chim national forest

Tea tree forest Engineer

Paperbark Tea Master in the district, An Giang Province with a Net area of approximately 850ha.Here, you will be sailing into the weave of the canals, the top is covered with shade, Melaleuca under water is water hyacinth blue li ti brings the feeling of tranquility.

Flicking The Average Angel

You follow the Highway 40 toward the red, and then follow the highway Offensive 841 runs straight to the gate Usually Blessed. From gate Usually Blessed, must go through many times that to the average Natural Bullseye, also known as the Lake, An Phu district, An Giang Province.

The water in the Vase Favoritism in Flicking green, straightforward, especially water in the Lake is never shallow. To the average Natural floating water season Flicking, you also have the opportunity to enjoy fish soup, fish, cotton Classic Madness …

Net Market Editor

Net market Margins right gate with Cambodia, the merchandise here is very rich from Orange and Thailand but very quality guarantee. Also, you can buy a lot of local specialities such as fish sauce, Thai sauce, dried fish, dried snakes, bandana …

-Eat, drink, sleep, think

-The Western provinces have systems for hotels, budget accommodation. Or maybe your tent to take

Around the Vietnam travel under the flower season
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