Elderberry in Ninh Binh

Elderberry in Ninh Binh is one of the specialities of the famous Ninh Binh Ninh Binh. At the time, 15 January 8, 2012, in Faridabad, India-held Asian Record has officially recognized the elderberry Ninh Binh is delicious Asian record in the list of 10 famous specialties of Vietnam. Earlier rice fire had held the record of the Vietnam Vietkings in 15 nominations delicacies get Asian record. this food type thrives in coastal National Highway 1, the city of Ninh Binh, Tam town scallops and the Ninh Binh tourism area. Elderberry in Ninh Binh are many companies producing packaged and sold on the market.


the French in the late 19th century, in Ninh Binh have the young age the name Ding Huang Promoted out of Hanoi as a major food for Chinese people. After that, do not get the boss’s daughter, the Emperor Promoted the removal, return to his hometown. With the knowledge learned is processing the recipes delicious, Sharp has the creativity to build a restaurant specializing in elderberry. After this Prince was promoted to Nail former boss invited the partnership to open new restaurants and for daughters. From his success, many other stores also grows up, burning rice Ninh Binh introduction one of the key causes irritation of Ninh Binh as well as fire rice wine Jinshan development must comes to your abundant supply of rice granary of biosphere reserves of the Red River Delta, where there is fertile soil for a large production of delicious rice as : Hai Hau, eight rice, sticky … From Ninh Binh to flourish the tourism, mountain goat meat specialities also help contribute to the development of Ninh Binh because elderberry sauce rice also use goat meat chan, more low-fat goat meat can eat with elderberry without being boring. Almost the restaurants here offer mountain goat meat comes with elderberry. Today, there are many places in Ninh Binh rice trading fire, but fire his heirloom rice Prince Promoted are often considered the most famous folk. Unique of elderberry Ninh Binh is from raw materials. Other than the other areas from how to fry until the sauce comes in.2014-05- elderberry dishes include goat meat, elderberry, cow or pig kidneys, hearts sautéed with vegetables such as onion, mushroom, carrots and tomatoes. Rice was delicious then used sticky rice, rice seed round and in. Charcoal cooking is the best. How to fire the right there for them, creating fire across the bottom of the pot, no thick thin places. Necessarily made with cast iron pot. Elderberry removed done to the natural sun, three sunshine then achieved.When preservation is hygiene, airy spot to avoid the absolute humidity, the crispy fried at the new dining close. If the chips to through sessions, through the day, rice will be sweating oil and residue, not delicious. Goat meat or sliced tenderloin marinated in spices and bring to fry evenly with the vegetables, then pour over the rice. Elderberry pale yellow delicious, crunchy seeds, which are still malleable, taste new nuggets. Elderberry Ninh Binh along with mountain goat meat dishes of Ninh Binh and Kim son wine is a unique party filled with the flavors of the region of the River, the mountains of Ninh Binh, was going on in poetry


Elderberry in Ninh Binh
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