Embroidery Villages Van Lam

Located in the resort complex of Tam COC Bich Dong is van Lam embroidery craft villages. Don’t know appearing ever since but according of the tools in the village, the village had from thousands of years ago. Since that time, the antediluvian ceiling King was stationed in this place and the Empress Trần Thị Dung is who opened the first embroidery class and was handed down to the present day.

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Van Lam is a hamlet of the commune of Ninh Hải with 1,000 households and demographics, van Lam currently 3,000 up to 100% of the households and demographics do embroidery. From small children 7-8 years, up to the old man 70-80 years old can take the embroidery needle was.However, people here also do embroidery also agriculture and making service serving tourists.


Old craftsman Chu van Volume

Embroidery villages van Lam was the recognition in 2006. In November 2007 Vietnam craft village Association in the past has also recognized van Lam is one of the 12 villages of the country

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embroidered “Its Old” set the record for largest embroidered Vietnam

This is hand embroidered painting size is by far the largest of a traditional craft villages inVietnam. The picture has a size of 5, 5 m x 31 m, the area of the section dgfev online casino war is 170, 5 m2, are done and completed in two years time. The painting expresses the sentiment of people trying it with Hoa Lu describes the scenery of ancient capital tied to the capital thang Long-Hanoi, accompanied by King LY Thai to thang Long-Hanoi confirms is the Supreme capital of Vietnam peoples. “the old maple tree” embroidery painting is a work of art especially have quality content and good art , ensuring aesthetic, manifested the way traditional embroidery, quality craft, emotional, not the United States of America, but the strong fanfare, Prashant đằm that content, associated with the Roman theme of thang Long-Hanoi. The work is expected to exhibit in Hanoi from May 25-28/8/2010 to the populace and international visitors enjoy and understand more about a traditional craft villages in Vietnam.

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Embroidery Villages Van Lam
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