Goat meat Ninh Binh

Not known ever since, Ninh Binh and the poor goat meat was “should double, so the folder”, but the Ninh Binh that only the poor contrast aromatic, bold, new momentum match worthy of “charm” with mountain goat should of Ninh Binh. Goats smell very foul. To loss of smell, before meat, must eliminate odors by goat column back then for it, let it run, jump around. Odors escape from sweat, from the cries. Mountain goats being chased, beaten, until the catch is regarded as over the “torture”. Goat mountain eating many trees drop leaves, running jump climb dew wind even more so “meat” better, more delicious goat House. Particular the Chase to catch meat goats also has an art of the “technology” of goat meat. thit de ninh binh 1 goat-breeding long popular in the land of Ninh Binh, delicious goat meat selection should experience the Ninh Binh are very clear.

thit de ninh binh 1

The goat weighs about 15 to 20 kg, 25 kg, or at most is can “market”, because at this rate, the meat goat Ninh Binh dai, not too sweet and not too soft. Ninh Binh people favored dishes from goats, should the workmanship of the chef cooking also increasingly developed. The goats are local people processed into dozens of dishes that crave was heard through the goat, fried lemon re as roll, Pan, fry the poodle, squeeze, cleaning water, wine cellar, toasted cereal, curry sauce, cooking wine, oil … However from ancient to present, most of the goat meat delicacies is re. There are three types of goats are re re re re, roll, Sesame dip. Which is the most delicious Sesame re dish because it had more seasoning and especially more fat and smell of roasted peanuts tingle. thit de ninh binh 2 And not known ever since, the mountain goats of Ninh Binh and extreme poverty were “should double, so the folder”, but the Ninh Binh that only the poor contrast aromatic, bold, new momentum match worthy of “charm” with mountain goat should of Ninh Binh. Besides, these dishes could not lack the extra salt was left, leaf, leaves, leaf polyscias fruticosa, ngò gai, Basil …, contribute to the aromatic cuisine lựng, unforgettable. The macho when enjoying the mountain goat’s normal Security sipping some wine Kim Sơn. Someone said this wine was born only to accompany the mountain goat. thit de ninh binh 3 not goat meat would make re also delicious. The raw materials to make re the indispensable of course goat meat goats, galangal, Lemongrass, star fruit, bananas, Sesame, fruits, roasted fig. To re dishes delicious goat they must know how to select meat goats. The meat to do re the skin must have meat, raw lean meat does also not delicious. Often the meat two removable hips (in pigs is pork) is the best meat dishes. It has a tough skin that is soft, a little fat, but not so tired, have lean meat but not dry and fibrous. Thin knife, thin, milling and shades. Sliced galangal, only. Star fruit, sliced lemon grass … to squeeze the marinated meat. Green bananas, Lemongrass, sung results to served. Roasted Sesame sweeping clean the casing before eating to mix well with the meat to dry, porous, loose and more aromatic. Though re the dishes are sauce to the dot is indispensable. It is the soul and make the dish more delicious. Compatible with most delicious goat re is Cork (city, Hung yen). And the people of Cork have only the concept with “commensurate” with the re this goat.


Goat meat Ninh Binh
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