Kim Son nhech raw fish: Marine Specialties Kim Son land

Is one of the famous culinary specialties of Ninh Binh, fish with vegetable nhệch makes how visitors have to say please, eat a remember forever not forgotten. The fish was fresh, the right selection of type to from 400 kg or more, white-green color, dorsal fat belly rock Crimson over the production extremely meticulous, sophisticated new should be no fishy taste of shellfish and fish, eating the delicious taste or the taste of the roasted glutinous rice Bui along the bar of sour vinegar and spicy Ginger’s warm , pepper, chili, Lemongrass in the sauce. To Ninh Binh have to eat fish-shellfish new Paint Needle felt all the delicious taste of this fish shellfish.

Fish shellfish fish types must be selected to do (from three to four, with lang come up), white-bellied blue-backed, blond rock Crimson jerseys. Do fish also quite elaborately. The nhệch are cleaned by nhệch viscous on the ash and the ash runs out or plucking used kitchen water soaked in lime plucking, washed out.

After doing the most viscous, retrieved the strapping neck and hang nhệch up. Use a knife to cut the leather circled around the neck to peel the skin like a snake skin peeling. Class white meat out of the red after green white lining of the skin. Cut the head, remove the intestines, use a dry blotter, retrieved a knife sharp, thin bone separating the filter. Minced bone truth to do multiplication. Nhệch gold pink flesh as forest honey hues, are marinated with fresh lemon juice squeeze, absorbent paper or paper pack permeability keep dry and avoid dust, waiting to do the other.
Then a thin knife blade, neckties are for longer pieces of meat marinated with garlic, ginger, juice squeeze. Before eating, then mix well for Macintosh left the rice hearing (or corn). Cook rice-made hearing (or corn) are gold and then roasted mashed. Hearing aids dry and porous.
The second most important job after the job is finished. Scratch to hippo, sour. Fresh tomato finely filter remove the shine. Then the bones were chopped onion, peppers, salts, sugars do. Sexual harassment are boiled, carefully scoop out the Northern split into small bowl for eating. Eating shellfish, fresh sour, spicy but without sharply aromatic concentration, and attractive.
Eat the fish with vegetable nhệch necessarily have aromatic vegetables. It contributes to creating a safe, delicious and the busy fun fun need when eating shellfish. The aromatic vegetables including: tam can Dream, basil, marjoram, ground, my perilla, polyscias fruticosa, fig-leaf knotweed, the smell of the train, the volume of fish …. fruits such as star fruit, fig, chili, pepper … tubers as tubers Lemongrass, onions (dry).
Mouth alcohol, hand picked up the vegetable leaves, folded, clamp, green package. The concentration of aromatic alcohol into the cool, sweet, spicy, sour, acrid … of pieces with vegetable creates unprecedented charm for people who enjoy!
In Kim son district, Ninh Binh, the skin was crispy fried fish to roll with mud. Nhệch shellfish are eaten more vegetables, spices such as guava leaves, leaves, fig leaves polyscias fruticosa, leaf, leaves, Golden apricot Sesame loc sour, leaves disappointed. People wrap leaves him into a funnel, for nhệch meat into the water of the current age, chẻo up, add some grain of salt, dried onion and sliced white can add slices of fresh chilies and then wrap. In addition chẻo, nhệch Ninh Binh also shellfish sauce made from fish sauce, fresh ginger, garlic, chili, pasta, pepper or dotted with shrimp sauce.
I wish you success with nhệch fish and shellfish have happy meals while traveling.

Kim Son nhech raw fish: Marine Specialties Kim Son land
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