Kim son wine : Enjoy wine Kim Son Ninh Binh

Kim son wine is a wine brand, currently nominated for the record of “Top 10 most famous wine specialities from Vietnam”. The wine is produced from the traditional villages in the District of Ninh Binh, Kim son sea domain. Kim son alcohol is alcohol is distilled from glutinous rice, medication, natural well water source, produced according to the recipes of the inhabitants of the village in Jinshan. Alcohol often have high concentrations, throughout, the more alcohol swab to foam, the higher the alcohol level. Previously, alcohol in the ground and dried banana leaves button ring, Kim son alcohol when drinking to feel very aromatic and smooth. A characteristic of the wine is as long as possible to special wine tasty. Kim son works very good for health to be soaked with snakes, geckos, sea star, etc. along with coucal Kim son who emigrated, Kim son wine went to many parts of Vietnam. Today the wine was bottled and Kim son sold on the market.
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Kim Sơn is a unique coastal district of Ninh Binh province, is the new lands because the inning was the organizer of reclaimed polder. This is one of the first local hit Vietnam’s rice productivity of 5 tons (with Scenes of Nam Dinh and Hai of the Pacific). Kim Sơn is located in the biosphere reserve of the Red River, is rich in natural resources, aquatic products and food. The main characteristics that have produce and stimulate the development of the profession of cooking wine became the traditional villages. There are now several village specializes in cooking liquor in Kim son as: Phat diem, Hoa Lac, etc. but the most popular and famous of all the cooking profession is still alcohol in The Future, hence the Township next to Kim son alcohol brand is also The Futuristic alcohol brand. At Kim son, if the wine was made from glutinous Brown rice wine called Vedic Astrology Vedic astrology and cooked wine from glutinous Brown rice crop, then called the wine season. When cooking the glutinous rice wine does not need white grind, just grind Brown, means layers of outer wrap rice seed bran y. Soak a few hours before cooking the rice wine. Rice cooking wine is finished, the Orchestra out of a large cold for about 1 hour to nia. Men are pounding and sprinkle evenly over the surface of the rice wine.Then folded each layer on a lined wrap baskets of taro leaves stars to face on this layer (there are men just sprinkle) inverted on the other layer below. Baskets of dried banana leaves by sealed and not open to view, since alcohols will not ferment. Wine yeast is made by the family with longstanding experience locally should be very dry and aromatic. To have men you people give in which some medicinal users, sterilizing gas. After about 1 week, rice wine is so sweet, sour and is called Berry rice. When the bottom of the baskets appear berry juice, Berry rice from baskets on chum and add water and then sealed her mouth chum annealing. Customize the experience that the most recent wine will then be able these days to bring out the cooking liquor. If brought out too soon, it will be less wine, must also, that if to slow you down. Tools for alcohol include cooking a big pot, no need to swing. Above this cooker is a closed wooden barrels as drums, has the most recent trough and pipe of wine out on the top, usually a large place the pots tilt. In this regular bowls pots are changed to keep cold. The alcohol vapor rises from under the pot, meet cold in perineum cold bowls, to the liquid that flows trough under going out and then be inspired into the bottle. At the rice wine Dispose on to Cook, people mix add water according to the dosage, use the clay thoroughly fillings between two pots, along around the pipes of wine to wine vapors from being flown out. The fire pot of wine must be very careful, if not too little fire, that fire too high will make rice alcohol, steam will be Khe notorious. You can use the pot bottom made of earthenware, cast-iron pot than Khe less alcohol or aluminum. To get the wine Cook must have long experience, especially the preservation of Brewer in the weather conditions and environments. Water resources characteristics and cooking wine Brewer is also an important factor in deciding the degree of alcohol. A pot of wine depending on small or large scale can give from 5-10 liters of wine. The first-ever bottle of alcohol was also very heavy, since the third bottle of wine is dark, there the bottle after called wine. Depending on the sample which determines how many bottles to grab and then blended into the new wine is different. This is also the know-how of each home that professional league called the encyclopedia of wine. When alcohol vapor rises, under the pot is really sour wine residue. Excess alcohol Cook off usually Cook food for pigs bran or poured down the pond to feed the fish.


Kim son wine : Enjoy wine Kim Son Ninh Binh
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