Nem Chua Yen Mac

Ninh Binh is not only famous for Hoa Lu ancient capital with the attractions such as the Tam COC Bich Dong, CUC Phuong National Park. Not so, Ninh Binh is also the Ninh Binh delicious specialties as goat re-Hoa Lu, Kim son alcohol, bun Optical Friendly, elderberry grows, especially homemade Nem chua Yên Mạc

CA dao Yen local Desert have the sentence:
“Yen specialty Desert nem chua parties usually buy about taking” nem chua yên mạc
nem chua yên mạc
Nem chua Yên Mạc region is most famous in the district Alone, Ninh Binh, known for traditional sour specialty rolls. Legend: at the time of the Nguyen dynasty, in the village of Upper Tissues Yen (yen), have tools breaking the Duat, Renal Upper letters in the Court of hue. My daughter is A Violation letter, according to his father on the Citadel. Duat tools enjoyed drinking with nem chua Hue should she have to learn the famous chef of the Court to make him the target of sour wine rolls. The guests to play Offense tools are treat by your sour nem dishes daughter stuff to do. Who also said it was more than delicious party trays of sour rolls Court. Regular customers about the purchase and was instrumental as a gift and sour rolls courtesy Offense.

Nem Chua Yên Mạc
After this, her Message of home tv, making sour Xủy is Mr. nem extraction tool Violates Duat Kidney in His Xủy. open Saddle nem chua in the city bridge the Pen (yen), the rumors, nem chua delicious spreads the province and the surrounding region as Russia paint (), Literally Hung (male). The Government agency, the province of Ninh Binh, partying, there are wrong about the Yen buying Desert nem chua. Visitors go through a pen are bought as a gift about sour rolls. To date, nem chua Yên Mạc still tingle in the region, became a local specialty. The technique of making very sour. “nemNecessarily use lean meat, pork, meat slaughter also recently fresh hot. If the user or role as a lean filet, nem will be Pasty, not delicious.
Lean meat and fat off silver filter ass music. Use the dao level pieces distributed half shades, 2-3, where Thai, used a knife to an inch of meat that came gradually to life for software, training on hearing loss. Thai finishing the meat packages on clean, flowing water, reduce the compression molding offers nem to far not broken. Pig DermIS skin side into the circle, forcing it back to the boil just nine, not crumbly, hard, packs not delicious. Picked up the envelope, pressed for straight, filtered fat silver music thin shades with a knife, stick thin like paper sheets each of lang, finely chopped as the fiber brushes. Blue rice hearing: To roast, not gold fire, pounding into flour. Lean meat (and juice), mixed bag-pig, bread, salt, kneading the main hearing and creates the typical fragrance can target wine. Salt and hearing loss are for medium dosage nem will sour and delicious, if less is not enough to create men, nem will be corrupted, if much too sour quickly rolls.
Package nem chua Yên Mạc by banana leaves, wrap outside layer of guava leaves is to eating the rolls taste aromatic. After the package banana leaves then use LAT tied to nem quickly sour. About summer, nem a package is edible, autumn winter after 2 days after 3-4 days. Sauce is a delicious sauce is garlic. When eating, people often with additional leaves, dream, polyscias fruticosa.Depending on preference, people can eat more dots lime chili sauce mixed with garlic, delicious taste of creating more dishes of the famous Yen carry Desert rolls-the hometown of the ancient capital.


Nem Chua Yen Mac
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