Nem de Ninh Binh | Learn how to make Nem De Ninh Binh

Nem Ninh Binh Goat is a cool dish, made from Goat meat. The taste of sweet, sweet and sour sour Goat rolls scented mountain forests of concentration do people eat once will be hard to forget. Nem goats Eat guava leaves, fig leaves together with, along with star fruit, banana leaves, aromatic vegetables, apricots green dotted with ginger, soy when eating the food will taste sweet, spicy, fragrant radicular. In Ninh Binh, the live Goat into galleries, forums on the Ridge, the household pets a year on Mountain Goats, drop only when new mature Goat on the mountain caught on making the meat. Goat meat due to live year-round in the mountains and eat forest tree is so low in fat, crunchy, sweet and very nutritious. People bring the goats of meat processed into sharing the dish including nem goats. Process nem must comply with strict, closely, nem worked out to ensure a clean, aromatic, bright pink, to downloads still available.

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Nem dê Ninh Bình



Nem de Ninh Binh | Learn how to make Nem De Ninh Binh
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