Ninh Binh mountain snail delicious specialities and ways of processing

If as before coming to Ninh Binh you usually think of goat meat, rice dishes, but now to Ninh Binh travel you must enjoy mountain gourmet Snail dishes are now emerging of the Ninh Binh

This snail species are extremely rare because they only live in the caves, must come the rainy season from April to August the new crawling to search for food and reproduction. Screw mount in most places Ninh Binh province but is concentrated in the limestone mountains Tam, Yen and Grapes, Hoa Lu. Mountain snails are very difficult to detect, people often have to get up early in the morning when the snail crawling out of the new search feed cave that catch. Mountain snail meat crispy, sweet, aromatic, herbal scent. Mountain snails can be processed into many regional dishes such as baked, FRY me, cleaning, flushing, boiled ginger mixed with vegetable onion … are all very attractive.
A mountain of fried snail specialty Lemongrass chili Ninh Binh

Fried snail dishes spicy Lemongrass aroma, flavor. Eat or targeted wine are delicious
What you need to

Nuts, snails or rock snails jackfruit 1 kg
Sauce 2 spoons
1 sugar spoon
1/2 spoonful of sweet powder
2 spoons cooking oil
3 fresh Lemongrass, flakes
1 ginger root washed chopped
5 chopped fresh peppers or chili powder


1. Screw immersion have chili for releasing clean mud and viscosity. Rubbing and washing the snails for cleaning.

2. Heat the oil, ginger, lemon grass and chillies for less on non-aromatic.

3. For screw on the island immediately, seasoning spices, sugar, chili sauce, sweet powder, flavoring to taste.

4. To fire to sautéed snails near the nine-seat pitches for ginger, Lemongrass shavings. The nine screws off the kitchen.

5. Give out the disk, serve hot.

Wish you appetite

Ninh Binh to not buy a little hard to find OC mountains about eating a try. You can come to the Bazaar in the town of Tam, Yen. Snails are sold a lot, but a note that you can only find buy them after the showers. If want to enjoy right from the Ninh Binh food kitchen you can go to any restaurant here to call the mountain snail dishes …

Ninh Binh mountain snail delicious specialities and ways of processing
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