Ninh Van stone carving – Stone Art Village Ninh Binh

Ninh Vân is a commune located in the southern part of the province of Ninh Binh, Hoa Lu district, in the place is surrounded by many spectacular limestone mountains. With that advantage, Ninh van people have developed the profession of stone carving tradition by his father to back up to a new height.

Every year the village of stone carving Ninh van Bay offers both local and foreign markets a lot of diverse products. From which brings no warmth happy life for most of the families here, creating jobs for thousands of workers in the province and outside the province.


The village of Xuan vu, Nursing, Nursing Lower in Ninh van recognized traditional villages manipulated stone carving in Ninh Binh. With many limestone, crafted stone carving Craft development contributes to economic and social development of advanced life van and Security people. This tradition has created many jobs with quite the income for workers. By 2014, there are about 1,600 households Ninh van manipulated rocks, formed more than 60 enterprises, 450 u.s. ice complex technology with more than 2,000 professional divers, more than 1,000 miners and sold more than 1,000 craftsmen and professionals from other parts of ice Ninh van. [1] the stone fabrication Profession provided for many other industries such as the development of transport, mechanical.
Ninh Vân stone products appear everywhere: the monument mother motherland in Ho Chi Minh City, Truong son cemetery monument clusters, clusters of VOLUNTEER YOUTH monument against the us save water in Quang Tri, the statue of the mother During in Quang Binh, Nghe An in the Uncle HO statue, statue of Tran Hung DAO in Chi Linh (Oceanography) the monument, Hoang Van Thu in lang son, Cao Bang in Pó Pac monument.


500 Luohan statues in

Recently, the artisan Ninh van stone carving is done do 500 Luohan statues to build the temple Cult is at Attached spirituality and the city of Ninh Binh. The statues of great size, height over 2 m. Each Luohan statues were cast a plaster model should be very rich and lively, sophisticated and picky require the skilled hands.

Ninh Van stone carving – Stone Art Village Ninh Binh
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