Phuc Loc Ninh Binh carpentry village

Phúc Lộc currently has over 600 households with a total of over 3000 demographics, including up to 400 people to do joiner’s production and about 200 extra workers (who in addition to working age) also participated. From 9-10 year old nephew cac until the age old stuff has exterior decade.Anyone see the present joiner’s goods produced in the Gospel is majority of the Loc as the bed, cabinets, tables and chairs, sa feather, door type, lattices and handrails, wooden furnishing with guaranteed quality, popular designs, reasonable price. At the same time, Phuc Loc also has no less skilled craftsmen who created works out what types of furniture, sophisticated, luxurious tradition such as: tea chests, mahogany, crash crashes lim, engraving pattern types … depending on the needs of the client, or sculpt, do the kind of furniture that serves the free International Festivalremodeling, temples, shrines.

To release energy and raise labor productivity, most of the households, the joiner’s production facility nowadays are equipped with modern equipment: saws, planing, drilling, … Song, no air would replace your hands United, the skillful artisan handicrafts Phuc Loc joiner has had hundreds of years of tradition.

Phúc Lộc is da best start going up, not only by high rice yield farmer with the Juggernaut in the province, which is the main thing, a great potential was waking in the market mechanism.

Phuc Loc Ninh commune, Phong village, now in the city of Ninh Binh. Phúc Lộc is located in the southeast of the city of Ninh Binh. The village is 3 km in length, width approximately 2 km, including 5 neighbors: Neighbors, (adjacent to the ward Bich Dao), Neighbors, Neighbors, neighbors and neighbors.

Làng Nghề Mộc Phúc Lộc

Phúc Lộc is the land had a history from the time of Nail-Chile. This place has a pagoda worshiping Buddha called the pagoda at the end of the village, the Security, the near neighbors. The temple has a special architecture, the beautiful and ancient. Phuc Loc village house in the neighborhood In scale, yet not great but solid, the entire wood shiny black cover, cover an alaia style frost. Phuc Loc village temple was also built from longstanding, to worship The Emperor’s ancestor joiner …

Local folk and popular opinion still believes that the main Nest carpentry tools: Phuc Loc’s very sacred, bless children increasingly do business prospered. Song also can’t talk to these very important marketing terms, the reality is: capital, skilled, markets in and outside the province, along with the restructuring of rural economy in the right direction.

Phuc Loc Ninh Binh carpentry village
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