Prepare the opening Snap Cult pagoda

Lunar New year for the old Smell has come, also meant that the temple Cult attaches to step into the festive season. Up to the present time, the work of preparing for the opening ceremony of the Congress 2015 has basically completed. Management of the temple Cult Attached are complete effort the last part in order to best serve the activities of the Cult Attached pagoda opening tomorrow, 24/2 (June 6 Tết). The outdoor stage in Your tam is the site of the opening ceremony of the Congress is to be urgently completed to serve hundreds of people attended the ceremony.The other work, ch ng fire, ensuring the ANTT, ATGT; environmental hygiene, food safety, support the work of health … are carefully prepared ready to serve in the Assembly date; regulated business establishments, tourist services, restaurant, stay, hawkers, photography, Tanzania intended to prevent infringement, create photo friendly, polite, civilized culture of the land and the Ninh Binh in visitors. Snap Cult earlier pagoda festival only lasts one week but now the temple Cult Trinket has become cultural spirituality national caliber should the Festival stretched out in the spring to meet the needs of visitors shifang.

Du khách thăm quan tại chùa Bái Đính

Immediately after the lunar new year, the volume of visitors pull on the temple Cult Attached was very East. Many people attend the Festival Temple of the Cult Attaches this year are looking forward to see the temple reached many record of Vietnam.

Prepare the opening Snap Cult pagoda
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