Salted shrimp Gia Vien: Ninh Binh Specialty fragrant heart

To Ninh Binh, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy His shrimp sauce specialties Far to enjoy the unique front in the culinary culture of the people. The type of this sauce is made from fried shrimp type fresh body, old, riu and blue. After processing, they are sealed to from a month to bring cooked food. This sauce is delicious at the new sweet, strong, very attractive.

The fried shrimp is fried shrimp material diu (also called cloves riu), kind of small, rounded body shape shrimp blue. People bring cloves wash and dry to drain. Bring the mix cloves with hearing loss golden rice (rice brought pounding and roasting) and salt according to a certain ratio. Then, bring the mixture to the boiling water, pour the jugs to cool and incubated within 6 months. Indeed, to get fresh shrimp sauce delicious not the easy thing.
Fried shrimp sauce Joins the far red products beautifully fresh, fragrant and sweet-salty sauce features shrimp. Fried shrimp sauce Family of remote users do not need to add the MSG that there is still sauce very sweet seductive taste. When eating, people use canvas bags squeezed sauce shrimp primarily to juice. Want to make the fried shrimp sauce more stages of cooking, Cook for as long as I’ve been fried shrimp sauce, Sauted shrimp available cooking you can stop the cooking type is back at it.


Cloves cloves is the kind of sauce-making selection riu have red or blue, live in freshwater, is still the best fried shrimp in the Hoang Long River. New shrimp catch about abuse residue, or small fish, rinse clean tap water or rain water, drain. The raw materials to make the sauce (glutinous rice hearing, salt) must be prepared in advance to treat cloves salt is always done, to avoid being fried shrimp ươn.

The raw material processing rate: 10 kg shrimp, 1 kg, 2 kg salt hearing if made acidic sauce, sweet sauce, if salt 3 kg 2 liters of clean water (boiled to cool as possible). All mix well and then give in to the child, chĩnh, chum, porcelain or plastic buckets sealed, incubated for about a month is edible. The sauce as possible so long as food and delicious smell surroundings. A shrimp weight can give out 1.2 kg of sauce.

Fried shrimp sauce can do all year around but the best is still the winter because this season’s fat cloves, nor high temperatures should be salted and delicious sauce. With experience producing shrimp sauce business 20 years now, the page said: “Do the sauce cloves is not difficult but it requires careful work in each process and to correct the ratio. The sauce should be incubated in temperature of 18oC and avoid rain water, can also leave in the fridge “.

She also confides: “the couple must get up daily from 1 night to go to the place catching shrimp for the purchase of up to 4-5 hours is about 20-30 kg of shrimp, bring the team favors cloves” professional “hired available processors. Cloves must be processed quickly after catching up, after about 2.3 hours is being ươn cloves, salt will not delicious “. That’s what I know to have a batch of the sauce delicious shrimp who made the sauce also struggled last night, work urgently.

Salted shrimp Gia Vien: Ninh Binh Specialty fragrant heart
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