Seagrass Art Craft Kim Ninh Binh Son

Planting sedge and weaving the seagrass products are becoming very important traditional craft in Jinshan. This is a profession of indispensable for the majority of the workers. This traditional craft has yet ancient roots as some age-old crafts (weaving, embroidery, stone carving, carpentry … in the province), but also spent quite a lot of human generations.

Chiếu cói Kim Sơn

In 1829, Kim son district, “mountain of gold”, as the name due to Nguyen Cong Tru, home business fill out the three mission established. He wrote two verses that seem to have become his life motto: “brought in. Must have something to list the mountain river “. The “name” was the great industry to leave ever, of a child who had the vision and big, has the potential of turning a fertile coast, flung back into a “mountain of gold” actually, by trees, with rice, sedge and marine economy. Since then to the present, the Needle Painting along with how many successive generations, the land reclaimed, open seven times, “the Paintings together create a culture”.Large reclaimed area is immense, Dawn farm was secured from 1954, by the effort of the 304 Division doctor Chien. Recently, in the 1981, 1982, 1983, 500 Union army WINS decision on quai de polders, to open up about two hundred hectares of land planting sedge and few hundred hectares of Beach (including the space shuttle, Van Dune Sea), established as the new Township: Kim, Kim, Kim Advanced … the total area of reclaimed 6 times (after Nguyen Cong Tru) about 4000 ha.

From early life yet have the emergency Declaration of Nguyen Cong Tru, seagrass plants it grows chen with prawn, parrots on the wide beaches, deserted region. Seagrass plants grow outside the Moor, has a blocking back, tops the original part to, friends out three corners. This type is used for weaving rough or seagrass. Seagrass is grown trees and care fields containing round, slender stem tops, can weave the row level as: Slideshow, slideshow, slide show the flag. Previously, Kim son seagrass primarily exported to the countries of Eastern Europe. Today, the former Soviet States and Denmark, Norway, Japan, China still enter seagrass found in significant amounts with Kim son.

Seagrass plants have growth cycle titled paddy. Enjoy harvesting sedge on the occasion, sedge marshes on the occasion of October (lunar calendar). After the flowers have withered Sedge, corresponds to the Parrot flower white bloom period on the vast beaches. United colors of Brown, sedge, drop the chalk under the wind, radicular seagrass throughout the region to harvest season, thoang occasionally mellow aroma. The process of planting rice plants like seagrass: plough, digging, solarization, remove water, grass and Sedge, implantation, tub of mud, manure. Seagrass plantation quality depends significantly on the saltwater and freshwater coordination according to the proper proportion, harmony. Irrigation system for tree cultivation, what the equally important seagrass plants rice.

Một Sản Phẩm Mỹ Nghệ Làm Từ Cói


The productivity of the current bronze sedge plants reach about 6-10 tons of dried/seagrass 1ha.However, if the accounting according to the seagrass farming also makéttinh Qi than rice. Once implanted, possibly for 4-5 times the harvest. On the other hand, is raw material, created jobs for the village of seagrass weaving. The famous villages: Upper Save (near the town of Phat diem), the place was born the first wealth screening product. Thai Ant, the Privileged, peaceful, Quiet loc, West, Hai, United States of America, an emergency Front … it is the textile village made famous long ago. The products made from it to move around in and outside the country. On the “open land” Kim Sơn sedge plants, soft, shiny, whose role is the fiber connection between the sea to the shore; between the healthy, hardworking people with abundant nature, immense. Seagrass fiber is also the tree connect Kim painted with the region in the country and the world, contributed in no small part to the economic development, culture and tourism. Strengths of seagrass seagrass weaving and cultivation in Kim son is the production of consumer products. Therefore, this profession but drudgery without even one tomorrow. Seagrass plants here is also the “vanguard force” polders, conquering nature. The slogan “wheat sedge sedge” encroachment “polder” is the motto of conquering nature of tens of inhabitants of Kim son


Seagrass Art Craft Kim Ninh Binh Son
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