Thien Quang noodle specialty grows Kim Son land

About visit Phat diem stone church, Kim son district, Ninh Binh province, many people remember to Luminous grows rice vermicelli. Here are the waters of the “mountain of gold”:

“Night on the waves off the coast

Church bells poured ever-PM let go… “

This countryside do rice vermicelli is tasty, rice must be selected that Kim Painted “the villages” many types of rice is placed in the first class in the “grain” of our country. Delicious rice noodle-making, should the white noodles bong, dai flexible medium medium medium medium hunting, brittle. Pork corn must filter for most tendons, fat Barber, Member of each Member as marbles, mild drop in boiling water 10 minutes, as long as memberships grows will emerge white pink, looks very delicious and soothing aroma in rice vermicelli Bowl.
= > enjoy specialities from Ninh Binh
“On this afternoon the Friendly Optical;

Play memory grows rice vermicelli, tasting not to forget “.

Bun taste of Friendly Optical grows more visitors, both North and South by the delicious taste that is not so with bẳt eyes. Reasonable price, each bowl just 15 to 25 thousand, will surely be unforgettable cuisine for many customers. It is also the hometown of bold dishes Ninh Binh

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Thien Quang noodle specialty grows Kim Son land
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