Trang An attractions populations: World Heritage registration

Populations of Trang An attractions include Stone Mountain and Valley systems of instant fleeting moments, cuddle by the four rivers (Hoang Long River in the North of the River in the East; Lemon; the River System in the South and the river Ben Are in the West). It was the grandfather of meditation sect Lisa-the Royal Buddha Tran Nhan Tong (the century. XIII) feel and honored in the language of poetry: “quietly, cloud red leaves fall immature thousand John as dream far bells”, which was a high celebrity Count (Universal century. XIX) for: “the river is beautiful girl Strip headrest; The mountain as the Cup inverted Village guests say “where the water capital of Dai co Viet hugging in the X century and was the home of Chen’s action against Raw-Ass in the century XIII. An area with many natural and cultural value, the same tune, the same sublimation, together raising outstanding value, where there are many historical monuments, the famous landmark, attached to hundreds of spiritual beliefs about God and human spirit Mystic nature. The trend of international integration, the enrollment of the area on the World Heritage list as a matter of urgency and have great meaning. Aware of the responsibility it early 2011, Ninh Binh province in collaboration with the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism recommended the Prime Minister allowed the establishment of records submitted by UNESCO Trang An attractions populations is a world heritage site. After the opinion of the Prime Minister, on 30-10-2011, UNESCO World Heritage Centre has officially put Trang An attractions populations into tentative list. To deploy the created world records, Ninh Binh province has established the Steering Committee to build the profile due to comrade Chairman Chairman, at the same time established populations management landscapes Chang’an to unify management of heritage at the request of UNESCO and directly held the building profile. Through preliminary research, collated with the 10 criteria of UNESCO World Heritage, the scientists initially expected domestic nominated Trang An attractions populations according to the four criteria for the value of history, culture and archeology (criteria 3 and 5) and the value of aesthetics , geology, geomorphology (criteria 7 and 8). However after consulting Professor Paul Dingwall, consultants World Conservation Association (IUCN) of Ninh Binh province, UNESCO organized a workshop on “defining the value of the global featured attractions of Chang’an” and unified the official criteria to build profiles of world heritage. Attending the seminar are more than 70 domestic and international delegates. With the existing scientific information through seminars, scientists have identified and selected to be three official criteria to build the profile of world heritage, which is the criterion 5 (about cultural values), criterion 7 (about aesthetic value) and criterion 8 (about geological value , geomorphology). Trang An-save mark of mankind (criterion 5) Over 30 monuments of prehistoric archaeology has been detected in populations Trang An attractions including the ruins of caves, talus rocks and on the continental shelf sand land mount. The results of research and analysis has given us the interesting information. Can confirm that Chang’an was the full data warehouse, rich and most intact for ch ng ta study of prehistoric humanity.

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This data warehouse was also unfolding tells us about how prehistoric human migration. And all the information he gives us to write an interesting story on how adaptation of humanity before the big environmental change from cold to hot, dry climates, moisture from the environment to the insular environment continent, even the phenomenon of extraordinary natural disasters such as earthquakes. We can assert a traditional residence of prehistoric people in Chang’an, a traditional use of the land, the sea of people with many cultures followed constantly, until 30000 years and thereby advance the climate change today from the information obtained gives us an experience of living in the future. Trang An-a separate beauty (criteria 7) Tower karst landscape of Chang’an was one of the most spectacular and beautiful areas of this type in the world. The landscape consists of a series of Tower karst forms of cones, with steep walls 200 m higher than surrounding water and soils. The narrow ridge connecting the two peaks, as the giant sword, surrounded the thung, sunken, round and long slump crater, with rivers, streams connected, flowing through the cave. The primeval tropical forest cover across the landscape, even clinging to the cliffs and peaks. Skillfully and beautifully blend with the primeval forest is the rice fields that surround the River, creating a work with many diverse colors and always evolve, was thanks to the farmers and local fishermen are making the traditional work as do the painting more special , live action. The presence of the temples and pagodas, some located high on the cliffs and peaks as a cultural factor, discreetly resonate with natural beauty and stressed the importance of religion, spirituality blend with the landscape. Trang An-a Museum of Earth history (criterion 8) Is a massif of limestone geological age about 250 million years, there are special geological characteristics, clearly more than any place on Earth about the evolutionary stages of karst landscapes in humid tropical environment. With the presence of the conical, bell-shaped peaks are linked together by the excellent Ridge piece as the walls make up the closed valleys, varied in shape and just be with each other by the caves, underground rivers in the central part or the existence of the open Valley at the edge of this limestone blocks painted with the Tower karst of independence , on the sand dunes that are up in the claims process of the Red River Delta and furthermore most of the karst block are subject to the impact of a few waves of the sea, carving up the sea waves as Kuang ngấn music of heaven and Earth, all create a unique appearance for Chang’an that geologists geomorphology, the world wants to complement textbooks on the history of geology and geomorphology of the Earth … After nearly a year of active study, with the support of professional appraisal, of the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism, the Council of national cultural heritage, UNESCO National Commission of Vietnam, especially the tireless effort of scientists experts in the country, record nominations landscapes populations Chang’an was the natural and cultural heritage of the world was completed and submitted to the World Heritage Centre on 17-1-2013. UNESCO also records sent to evaluation professionals auditing, technical reviews in fieldwork from August 12 to August 18, 2013. Assessment trip was well-organised, professional answers, and provide the full information related to 3 main content is the integrity, authenticity; featured global values and the management of the nominated area, protection of heritage. The meet featured criteria three, including two of the criteria of a natural world heritage site and a criteria of a world cultural heritage, at the 38 session of the World Heritage Committee held in Qatar, the complex of sightseeings Chang’an (Ninh Binh) was officially recognized by UNESCO as cultural heritage and nature in the world and back the first mixed heritage of Vietnam and South East Asia achieved the world title was hard, keep the drenching titles so the master plan as well as details for Trang An attractions populations to conserve, promote the value of heritage need to be conducted urgently. The propagation to the local community; visitors to the same legacy of environmental protection often required heritage and enduring legacy is forever to legacy, is the source for the vegetative generations.

Trang An attractions populations: World Heritage registration
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