Two photos taken at the Tam COC reached the final photo contest Macrumors

The jury picked out the 60 works in the final round. Below is a list of 30 photos in the category landscape. 30 photo moments of life will be announced on November 13.
  • Photo Contest Macrumors about to announce the final list

“Foreign Country”-The United Kingdom

Author: “My Country is a region of sunken gaze. When the harvest is finished, your collectors straw built into dry dock. It’s a way of stockpiling food for cattle when floods and winter to not burn polluting the environment “.

“Families Go Apple”-Nguyen Dung

Photo taken in an old house in Front of the Eastern Township, go Cong Dong District, Tien Giang Province.


“Autumn Detian waterfall” – vo Hoang Vu

The work is taking the first trip of the human author, who in Da Nang, to high by. “the photo was taken at the top of the falls, when the afternoon sun-blond dye tie up those trees on the falls. It’s the most wonderful time of the fall, the great moment and lucky for me. I want to show the softness of the falls, the mellow colors of currency but still get off the mountain to express the strong and Yin Yang, certainly in harmony “.

“Notre Dame look from above”-Thu Huynh

Photos taken the front of Notre Dame, HO CHI MINH CITY.


“Saigon flashes bright”-Y Ho Need

“The photo was taken from the 40-floor of a building under construction, using fisheye wool combined with the altitude effects. The subject of this photograph is light bright flashes from the East-West Highway-a road winding along beautiful Ben chuong Duong-this is also one of the highlights of the HCMC “.

“Saigon meandering”-Ocean Prince Posted

The photo was taken on an afternoon of authors small nhem dinner at the terrace of condominiums reached (Q5, HCMC). “In the corner taken from on high down, I tried to zoom the lens to the image specification Avenue Vo Van Kiet up lights are embracing the channel S-shaped curved Style Ships”.

“Swift Stream” fall-Hoang Thi fall winter

“Swift Streams located in scenic perfume pagoda in Huong son commune, my Duc district, Ha Noi.In a Swift Stream excursion with mid September, I feel the beauty of nature is hidden in the quiet peaceful space. Landscape Painting four seasons are beautiful Scent, but nice for perhaps still is in the fall, not the festival season. The whole length of the stream was covered with a purple pink shades of the flowers of the gun, also on the banks of the Melaleuca tree groves is poetry the leaves “, the author shares.

“A tree in hydro Xin River”-Le Vien Huynh Duy

“Hydro is located in the District of Xin Xin River River, province of Phu Yen, Tuy Hoa CITY about 50 km to the West. It has many green lawns, romantic scenery, a perfect place to picnic, camping overnight. In addition there are many beautiful corners for the landscape photographer.
In the picture is a dead tree to dry in the rainy season, the lake water, the trees located between the sea water, creating very beautiful designs. I am the same person you up this position with the aim of capturing the milky way at night but can’t miss the beautiful sunsets spellbinding moments where “.

“No warm Season”-The Marine Nails

The photo was taken at My Local Township, Khuổi village, the city of Ha Giang, Ha Giang Province, the actual voyage of the author on 25/9/2014.

“Detian Waterfall”-Nguyễn Văn Sơn

The photo was taken during a trip By the author. “Prior to the Detian waterfall, I was to see the photos and hear a number of people you tell about this landscape. When it arrived, I’m really surprised the beauty and grandeur of nature where “, the author shares.

“Tranquility”-Phuong Nguyen Anh

The photo was made on 22/2/2014, a Coachman hunt author’s art on his home field. “The weather is beautiful, the Sun stand wind, can not miss the opportunity, I am constantly records his own moments with many different angles. I feel each moment is slowly moving his changes. Real quiet, real peace, real comfort “.

“The colours” -High Quang Trung

The photo was taken in picnic trip combines the author’s travel survey along some colleagues at the Three Hot-She Falls-Giàng Streams-Cang. Photos taken in one of three places-Decent Older terraces Cang’s most beautiful.

“Rice Flavor on new season” -Tran Trung Hau

“This is a public terraces is located near a small version on the high bat xat-Lao Cai. The rice grade class as floor wrapped in each other, embracing a village. When rice season, both fields of gold flaming flashes brightly under sunny afternoon, between the green of the fields that make up the forest mountain Bowl the strong contrast of colors, light “, the author shares.

“Up the mountain city lights”-Vu Ngoc Hoang

The photo was taken 8 Lunar New year, in a trip to Sa Pa by the author. “When the Sun has just small nhem, the background light, the lamp is turned on, the right at which clouds about and I press the air was this image type”.

“Self-talk”-Nguyen Thanh Van

“Most of the time submitted photos, I notice yet symbolic scene HCM-municipality on a modern fast progress on the integration. I think also the corner where the financial center of the city I’ve taken, it’s the same person you invite over M.C. building to capture “, the author shares.

“Dawn Khe”-Huang Nanyang

The photo was taken during a tour of authors traveling with family in Da Nang. “I tried to get up early to catch the first moments of a new day on my Khe. I feel the stunning beauty but also very close of peace “.

“Down the line”-Naidu

The author said the photo was taken in the mobile Flange on 11/3/2013 with the Canon 24-105 5d2. ISO 100-105 mm-F 6.3-1/160.


“Spring on the plateau”-Tran Anh Tuan

The picture is recorded on the way up, Ha Giang, Dong van.

“Establishing An soi” Nguyen Xuan-Wei

“The picture Created An soi ball was taken out of a sunny fall morning. I’m in the same group of friends passionate about landscape photography to catch the early bus to move from Danang out Hue. After shooting dawn light intermittent Established An activities fair, between dam, scene of the baby by his parents out intermittent gleaned FRY … Group prepared out of. Suddenly, I looked back, the clouds high above such as some down to hug the mountain behind the dam, the water in the Green and quiet than when no longer stirred by the type of fishing vessel fisherman, a boat in nan is terrible between dam reached the invisible frames make the foreground for a vast space of the mountain , of the lagoon behind. See also human nature, alone before the spectacular looks magnificent of nature… “.

“Vinh Long pottery village” – breaking the Human Mind

The work taken at Nhon Phu pottery village in the District of Vinh Long, compound the Bearing.


“Hanh Tri Rock landscapes disc”-Le Vien Huynh Duy

“I about hit by rain storms in Phu Yen province, during a week of rains, but am I running motorcycle distance 40 km out of disk to photograph Rock Hanh tri. During the six days gone on without taking anything because the weather is too bad, come on Saturday, the final day in Phu Yen, still I resolved to go back to this place. That day was the day Hurricane tan, the scenery was for me a great impossible than dawn. Truly heavenly clouds flag jigsaw-like fish scales are also the shape of the Rock it in a heartbeat, I found a very nice red cloud plate, I folded the projector baskets with symmetry and form a cloud shots with much different symmetry: symmetrical fish flakes shaped Cloud with Hanh Tri rock the boat symmetry [citation needed], with the array of red cloud “, the author shares.

“Relax” – Phạm Văn Tỵ

“During the trip composed in Front The sea, go Cong, after taking a smorgasbord with a beautiful dawn, I returned to see the boat of fisherman is resting on the beach when the water withdrew.Oblique light shining on the hull are tied into the rope anchored along the van cat thanks to light shining into the foreground of both prominent. A peaceful feeling about scenery motherland brings pressing air quickly and photo birth “.

“Hanoi” fall-Dao Viet Hung

The photo was taken the morning of 9/10/2014. “The day off work, I get up early wandering the streets of Hanoi (…) I stopped at the Lake, where the most obvious sense what fall of Hanoi. In space, I suddenly encountered a familiar frame but today strange, a tower looming within the Green Phoenix and Spike’s hug, something other cool smooth with what is often seen as the turtle tower with the dry leaves or grass canopy with two black and white John Frost often brings emotional calmness. Little sunshine soon made up little luster of gold, which made me feel a fall full of vitality, cool and soft dusky “, the author shares.

“The old town on the river Creek Tray-Vu Dung Pham

Landscape photos taken a block away at the river Creek stock Tray, Hai Phong.


“Late afternoon” – Nguyen Ngoc Quynh

Photo taken at Three Stars, Henan.

“A corner of ancient sea Fossils”-Le Xuan Phone

Photo was taken in the ancient sea fossils, Binh Thuan.

“Heaven Hoang Su PHI” Nguyen Minh-Tan

“The work is done when the No. 3 hurricanes (Kalmaegi) has just gone through the North to the cold atmosphere, the cloud fog lasted embraces the entire mountainous areas. A photo hunt gold season lasts more than 10 days have brought me to the sacred land of the Country. The afternoon Coachman on the roads pass and I decided to stop here awaiting the opportunity, hopefully a fragile ray of sunshine … And then God rewarded me a beautiful sunset rays. Everything was done so majestic fairy scene y as heaven down about made me work the name is Hoang Su PHI heaven“.

“Peaceful Day” – the ceiling Into the decision

Photo taken earlier on the Lakes Mi, Binh Thuan.

“Early Frost on the Lake Most Mi” – Nguyen Van Thuong

The photographs record the peaceful scene as wearing glasses, painting just gently, tho, just of unspoiled lakes Mi, Binh Thuan in heavy fog early.

“Immature love water”-Virgin Snow Park

The photo was taken in May last year, during a visit to Tam COC -Bich Dong with determination to conquer the best shooting angle and difficult to capture. The author had to go boating, wading through many obviously, ditch next to the shelf, then cling the cliff just smooth, just pointed to climbing the highest point of the mountains. Here, the author encountered “beauty should fit just River’s majestic poetry, such as soft silk Strip winding between these rice are starting to reap the service. The undulating limestone mountain ranges on either side as the copper walls shielding for the rice and peaceful River to welcome the boat of tourists visit “.

Two photos taken at the Tam COC reached the final photo contest Macrumors
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